Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Erin, Madison, Parker, Juno, Nola (whew) and I wend to Dorris Ranch on Tuesday. With our newborns strapped to our chests we frolic'd in the sun that decided to show it's face. It was a brisk 50something degrees but the sun felt oh so good on our faces.
Juno fell in a mud puddle within 5 minutes of getting out of the car and was very concerned about how dirty his pants and shoes were. I gotta get that kid out more...

We were lucky enough to spot a coyote (either that or a fox) and I got to snap a shot of him thanks to the zoom lens I just got!

This photo is a little too saturated but it was blown out anyway so I decided to mess with it.

And here is my little smiley nugget.

Rejuvenation!! Thank you sun for showing up and staying out!

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  1. Srsly! Make me leave Oregon with positive feelings about it. <3